Saturday, 11 February 2012

My Flash Project

     If you follow me on Youtube, you may recall that almost 2 months ago I made a video stating that I would soon be starting a college course on Video Game Development and Design. Well, I am current sitting on the other end of the first four weeks of the course. Said four weeks were dedicated to learning the basics of programming, and in specific, using flash and Actionscript 3.0. Not particularly advanced stuff by any means, but flash has the awesome benefit of being a medium that is very simple to share. So I thought I would.

     For the end of our four week excursion into Flash, each person was tasked with making a game. We brainstormed ideas in class, and everyone was to create something based on the same framework. The concept is that an Inuit by the name of Inuknuk must save his people from some Ice Pirates. The game had be a top-down shooter style game with 6 health, harpoons, 2 different pirates (one of whom shoots), collision, treasure pickups, obstacles etc. The game has to go until you die or obtain 5 treasure/10 kills. So here is what I have come up with over the past week. It isn't perfect by any means, it generates a bunch of errors, but with one occasional exception, none are noticeable without the compiler.

This is what I consider to be version 1.00, and represents 100% my own effort. I mention this because technically we are supposed to work in pairs and each person is supposed to provide one level. At this point I am still waiting for my partner's code so that I can attach his level after my own. I've worked ahead and made a full project's worth of my own content. I guess I'm just awesome. Anyways that's it for Flash. This has been the culmination of my first four weeks of school, and I'm extremely proud of the product that I have... produced? Monday we move on to C++!

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