Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

     If you've followed me since the start of this year, you may have noticed something. I was fairly critical of Final Fantasy XIII-2. Case in point. The fact of the matter is, I've been a massive fan of Final Fantasy for a really long time. I thought Final Fantasy XIII was deeply flawed, but pretty fun none the less. I thought it had a lot of potential, and XIII-2 promised to deliver on that potential. Instead we got a couple fixes at the expense of a floundering mess of a game. Sure, it fixed the mistakes of it's predecessor, but it create more (and bigger) problems in the process. When I was done with XIII-2 I felt disappointed, and a little betrayed even. So suffice it to say that when I heard the official announcement of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a lot of thoughts went through my mind. Read on for my best attempt at arranging those thoughts into something coherent.