Monday, 7 November 2011

An Introduction

What's up internet, my name is Rambling Josh. You may recognize me from various other places across the internet. Or perhaps you don't. That's cool too, no worries. I am a long time gamer with a passion for video games. Being a long time gamer, I feel I have a lot to say on the matter of video games and gaming, and so over the past while I have taken to trying to get that word out. Basically I have been looking for the best place/format to talk about video games on the internet. Certainly not the most novel of ideas ever, but meh. Whatever. This may not be the "best" option, but for now at least, I think it shall suit my needs.

Up until now my primary outlets have been my Youtube channel, and my Twitter. Now my Youtube is primarily used for my "Let's Play" series, but I have started doing a weekly misc gaming video as well, which always tends to be insanely long. As for twitter, I like posting my thoughts there, but there are times where 140 characters just isn't enough. This is where this blog comes in. This blog should bridge the gap between 140 character tweets and 40 minute Youtube videos.

What's more, I would like to use this blog as a place to practice my craft, so to speak. See I've been talking about video games my entire life, but there are certain things that I have always struggled to articulate. This is my chance to practice that. Perhaps the bigger matter however is brevity. This has never been one of my defining features. I took the name "Rambling Josh" for a reason after all. I've never really been good at keeping my points short and sweet. I've also never really cared much. Perhaps I'm still secretly rebelling against my English teachers and their stupid word limits. However there comes a point where an article can be so ridiculously long that very few would ever dare attempt to read it. This is what I intend to work on.

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