Elements Unity Game

Elements is a game that was created using Unity3D and written in Java. The game was originally designed early on in my Game Development course, when we were given the task of creating a theoretical Game Design Document. Later during the Unity segment of the course, I decided to actually make the game, after paring it down to something that was more manageable. The game was created in a 1 week period, after 3 weeks of instruction.

It was a lot of fun bringing this game from concept to fruition more than a year after I wrote the design doc. I learned that Unity has a surprisingly big learning curve, but is incredibly powerful once you get the hang of it. I really appreciate how modular it forces you to make everything. It can be very odd trying to get it's physics to play nice with hand-written code, though.

Click here to open the game in a new window.

Use WASD to move, R to shoot plasma, Space to shoot elements and Q/E to change element.